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Health Room

A student who gets sick at school should report to the Health Room. If necessary, a parent or guardian is notified to pick up the student. 


In addition to the medical information entered in the student’s RenWeb account by the parent, teachers must be notified in writing if a student has a health condition such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart concerns, life-threatening allergies, etc.



If needed, medications, including over the counter (i.e. Tylenol, aspirin, etc.), should be given to a student at home whenever possible. Medications that have to be given three times per day can easily be given before school, after school, and at bedtime.


If a medication has to be given at school, the following rules apply:


  • A signed authorization form from the parent or guardian is required for school personnel to give a student any type of prescription or over the counter medication.


  • If medication has to be administered at school, all medication must be brought to the school office by a parent.


  • The medication must be in its original container with the pharmacy prescription label attached, as well as a Prescription Medication Form  signed by the doctor.


  • Students are not permitted to have any type of medication with them while at school.

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