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Lunch & Milk Program

Students may bring a lunch from home to school, or they can purchase hot school lunches online each month through Christian Catering Company.


To order a school lunch:

  • parents must set up an account with Christian Catering for each of their children (K-8 grades);

  • order from the monthly online menu accessible through Christian Catering, placing a separate online order form for each child; and

  • pay online via credit card at time of order.


To order your child’s hot school lunch, please click on the button below:



                Current Menu

We are a peanut-free school. To protect the health of students with peanut allergies, if your child brings peanut-related foods to lunch, they are required to sit at the peanut-free table in the lunchroom. The Safe Snack Guide is a good resource for parents who may have questions about foods made with peanuts. 


*Since snack is in the classrooms, NO PEANUT-RELATED FOODS should be sent to school.


 Drinks are not included in the purchase of a hot lunch.


Drink Tickets

In addition, students can bring a drink from home (carbonated drinks and soft drinks are not permissible) or buy a school drink.


  • Drink tickets can be purchased at the school office in the mornings or by sending in a check made payable to Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School.  Please make sure your payment is enclosed in an envelope marked "Drink Ticket" with your child’s full name and homeroom.

  • Drink Tickets can be purchased in increments of $5 ($5, $10, $15, etc.) to be used for milk and bottled water. Students in 4th through 8th grades can also purchase ice cream using their drink tickets. All drinks are fifty cents, and ice cream is one dollar.

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